How to make sure you’re really heard at meetings

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After Taylor Swift won her sexual assault trial in August, people were buzzing not only about how great the win was for women overall, but also how well Swift came across on the witness stand. When she described what the former radio host had done to her, she was confident, blunt (“he grabbed my naked [...]

The Surprising Thing Gutsy Leaders Do

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I don’t usually think of Kim Kardashian as someone to turn to for work and career advice, but she said something this month at a conference I attended--the Forbes Women’s Summit—that I thought was very helpful. During a Q and A session, she was asked what had enabled her to become a super star on social [...]

The Gutsiest Thing You Can Tell People

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I fly a lot for business, and overall I love it. For me, long flights have often been a chance to read, think, plan for the future, and work on plots for the mystery novels I write (the latest is The Secrets You Keep). But oy, being on airplanes these days is so often NOT relaxing [...]

How Not to Blow a Promotion

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During my years in the magazine business, I promoted hundreds of people, and it was thrilling to see most of them thrive in their new positions and continue to excel from there. But every once in a while, a promotion would be a bust. The person would either become paralyzed in his or her new [...]

Just Maybe, the Best Work Advice I Ever Got

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Back in my late thirties I had the opportunity to run a fabulous business magazine for women called Working Woman (now sadly defunct). One of the bonuses attached to the job was that I was constantly exposed to fresh and terrific advice on work, leadership, and success from some of the best executives and experts in the [...]

Emails You Should Never Send (Even Though You Want To)

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I’m sure you followed the news a while back about the horrible cyber attack on Sony pictures. Tons of confidential information was hacked and released, including stuff like executive salaries, medical records, and film scripts. Also leaked were emails—including some mean, nasty, and utterly embarrassing ones between colleagues. I’m not condoning any of the content, but this [...]

The Secret Weapon That Guarantees Your Success

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When I landed the job of editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan eighteen years ago, I did it, crazily enough, without actually having to apply for the position. I was working then as the editor of Redbook, in the same company, and one Sunday morning my boss phoned me at home, requesting that I come into her office that day. Yikes, what had [...]