The Gutsy Girl Handbook: Your Manifesto for Success
A must-read, career-propelling guide for women at every level .
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Gutsy, Gritty Strategies for Women A Manifesto for Success
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Kate, a former top media executive and the New York Times bestselling author
of The Gutsy Girl Handbook, shows women how to:

• Go bigger with their confidence
• Go bigger with their ideas
• Go bigger with their careers

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Gutsy, Gritty Strategies for Women: A Manifesto for Success

In her popular keynote for women at all career levels, Kate shares her stories and winning strategies, showing every member of the audience how to:

  • Own Her Excellence
  • Embrace Her Readiness
  • Go Big or Go Home with Her Ideas
  • Ask for What She Wants (Even If There’s a “Good” Reason She Shouldn’t)
  • Become the Relentless Architect of Her Career

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“We received tremendous feedback on having Kate as a speaker. Her energy and bold tips for success lit up the room, and set fire to those in attendance to pursue next steps in their careers.”
Society for Professional Women
“Kate White’s entertaining presentation loaded with incredible wisdom and advice keeps you engaged throughout, best speaker at our conference!” 
The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, NEPA Women’s Leadership Conference
“Kate delighted our audience with her sassy wit, smart charm and approachable, relatable humor. She spoke with fabulous candor and left our audience inspired to go big, or go home.”
United Way of Salt Lake

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