Have you ever thrown out an idea at a work meeting and then apologized for interrupting? Or apologized for asking your boss for something that might possibly be considered “too much.”

Women sometimes fall into the habit of apologizing for things that need no apology whatsoever. A recruiter friend of mine who works in the financial world says that women she interviews often apologize for not being perfect candidates for the position they’re applying for. They say things like, “I know my background isn’t exactly what you’re looking for but a friend in the company encouraged me to apply.”

And Terri Wein, cofounder and partner of Weil & Wein, a national career advisory and executive coaching firm, reports that women sometimes apologize when they ask for a raise. A woman, Wein told me, might say, ‘I think it may be time for a raise. I know it may seem like a lot of money and I’m sorry to ask for it, but…’”

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to be gutsy and stop apologizing!  Live by the motto #sorrynotsorry. 

Sure, when called for, apologizing is totally necessary, but when it’s habitual and you blurt it out at every turn, it sends up a red flag of insecurity and lack of confidence, and it translates as “I’m undeserving.” This kind of thinking can not only undercut the impression you want to present but it can also throw your career trajectory off course.

10 Things I Think You Should Never Apologize for
•    Throwing out an idea without being called on
•    Offering an opinion that’s different from someone else’s
•    Snagging a promotion
•    Snagging a promotion a coworker was after, too
•    Wanting a great raise
•    Getting a better raise than a friend on the staff
•    Not being 100 percent perfect for a potential job
•    Leveraging several job offers at the same time
•    Making a lot of money
•    Being fiercely ambitiousBe gutsy!